At Brownlee, we are always mindful of the pressures and challenges that our clients face. It is because of this understanding that Brownlee provides alternative dispute resolution services to our clients in every area of our practice. Whether through mediation, arbitration or other forms of dispute resolution, Brownlee’s main priority is to serve our clients in a way that achieves results and maximizes value and efficiency for our clients.

There are always multiple options for clients attempting to resolve an outstanding dispute – from an early settlement to a lengthy trial and everything in between. Brownlee lawyers guide clients not just in the preparation of their cases, but also in the selection of the appropriate routes for resolution.

Brownlee prides itself on capably approaching the processes of dispute resolution from the point of view of our clients. We know that disputes can be a drain on  our clients’ energy and resources. Accordingly, disputes need to be resolved effectively and efficiently. Having worked with some of our clients for decades, we are familiar with their business, their pressures, their market places, and the economic climates that they face.

Regardless of the form that the dispute might take, our chief concern is doing everything we can to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.

Our role as counsel requires that we understand the building blocks of our clients’ cases and use that understanding to develop a strategic position in preparation for mediation. Clients are able to see the results of our efforts in the mediation briefs we prepare and in our involvement in the mediation itself.

When clients need to settle large dollar value matters quickly, Brownlee can help. From finding arbitrators who specialize in the matters clients want resolved, to negotiating favorable timelines, to presenting cases in a way that is effective and sympathetic to their causes, Brownlee routinely and expertly handles arbitration on behalf of our clients.

In addition to representing our clients, members of our firm also serve as panelists in arbitration or as mediators in other disputes. Our lawyers are, therefore, capable of viewing the processes of alternative dispute resolution from various perspectives.


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