Brownlee LLP was founded by John Brownlee, former Premier of Alberta, in 1935. Our firm leads the market in delivering experienced legal advice to clients in a wide variety of areas, including government, corporate, and personal legal fields. Brownlee LLP continues to honor a demonstrated commitment to resolving precedent-setting legal cases and ensuring that the law is as accessible and transparent as possible for our valued clients.


Every lawyer at Brownlee LLP is dedicated to providing outstanding legal services with a passion for justice and a commitment to delivering solutions that best meet our client needs. We take a personal and team-oriented approach to every case, making sure that our clients are fully informed and included throughout the resolution process. Our commitment to justice and to our clients has been a cornerstone of Brownlee LLP’s success since the firm was founded almost a century ago.

History of John Edward Brownlee & Brownlee LLP

Brownlee LLP’s founder, John Edward Brownlee, Q.C., LL.D., studied law at the University of Toronto. He commenced his articles in Calgary in 1909 and from the time of his call to the Alberta Bar built a successful law practice. He served as Attorney General for the Province of Alberta from 1921 to 1925 and as Premier from 1925 to 1934. Undoubtedly Mr. Brownlee’s most significant achievement as Premier was negotiating the transfer of ownership of natural resources from federal to provincial ownership. After leaving public life in 1935, Mr. Brownlee re-established his law practice in Edmonton. Mr. Brownlee’s strong work ethic, dedication to community and public service, and commitment to legal writing and speaking are part of the present firm’s tradition.

Moraine Lake, Alberta.

Whether performing his roles and responsibilities as Attorney General, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, Premier of Alberta, President and General Manager of the United Grain Growers of Alberta, or the head of the law firm he built, John E. Brownlee was and remained a student of the law and a dedicated representative and voice for others. This dedication to protecting the rights and interests of those he represented has shaped Brownlee LLP as much as it has shaped the Province of Alberta as we now know it. Just as John E. Brownlee’s passion and innovation eventually expanded beyond the boundaries of Alberta, so too has the passion, innovation and impact of Brownlee LLP continued to expand. Today, our lawyers traverse Western Canada including the Territories on a daily basis, carrying on the traditions and building upon the innovations of John E. Brownlee.
Jasper Ave

Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, 1930. Image from the University of Alberta Library Archives.

While in office as Premier, Mr. Brownlee had the vision, as well as the considerable determination, to seek out, negotiate and secure the transfer of ownership of natural resources from the government of Canada to the Province of Alberta. This important event has resulted in the level of prosperity Albertans enjoy today, and will share with generations to come.

John E. Brownlee (third from right) in the Legislature.

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