Brownlee LLP acts on behalf of both expropriating authorities and expropriated landowners in disputes over land sought by public interests. Brownlee’s dedicated professionals are knowledgeable of the intensely technical processes that govern the practice of expropriation and are able to effectively serve the interests of our clients whatever they may be.

Brownlee counsels expropriating authorities to ensure they follow proper procedures, minimizing the risk of having expropriations struck down by the courts. Additionally, if a landowner feels that they have not been adequately reimbursed for a piece of expropriated property, Brownlee’s Expropriation practice group is willing and able to go to the courts to defend the interests of the expropriating authority.

Brownlee additionally utilizes its knowledge of expropriations to serve the interests of expropriated landowners who feel they have not been properly remunerated for their property. Expropriated landowners rely on Brownlee’s knowledge to ensure that they receive:

  • a fair market value for their land, which reflects the decisions of an independent tribunal
  • restitution for any other expenses related to the expropriation



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