Environmental Law

The public’s expectation that governments and private individuals will act to protect and preserve human health and the environment has never been higher. This has resulted in both increased provincial and federal environmental regulation, and in a corresponding increased risk of liability for municipalities, corporations, service commissions and individuals. There is now greater scrutiny over the way in which municipal governments and their associated entities provide key services, such as safe drinking water, regulate industry and waste, provide for workplace health and safety, and control development in environmentally sensitive areas.

Similarly, corporations and individuals, in their effort to balance profitability, competitiveness, individual rights and the necessity of being good environmental stewards, must have a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment in which they operate and the potential environmental risks associated with their activities in order to address those risks proactively and to respond responsibly when environmental incidents arise.

The Brownlee LLP Environmental Team has broad experience in assisting our clients in managing environmental and safety risks, and in taking a proactive approach to environmental protection. Our lawyers have successfully assisted our clients in managing environmental issues such as:

  • Defending Municipalities and corporations, and their officers and employees against federal and provincial environmental prosecutions
  • Reporting, containment and remediation of environmental spills
  • Brownfield management and remediation
  • Compliance with provincial, territorial and federal environmental and safety legislation
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Implementation of environmental management systems
  • Applications for, and complying with, environmental licences and approvals
  • Provision and maintenance of safe drinking water
  • Water rights
  • Waste management
  • Land use planning in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Appeals before the Environmental Appeals Board and other tribunals



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