As a law student, it can be easy to see all law firms as one vast conglomeration of lawyers, files and statutes. Even if you have had the opportunity to meet or know some lawyers and visit law firms, or if you have worked in a law firm before, choosing the right law firm for you can be a daunting task.

At Brownlee LLP, we are often first known for our formidable history in Alberta which dates back over 85 years to our founding father, the Honourable John E. Brownlee (the 5th Premier of Alberta). However, there’s much more to us. 

We invite you to put aside what you think you know about Brownlee, and law firms in general, as we open the doors to our firm to share with you what every Articling or Summer Student should really know. Most importantly, we will provide information about starting your career as a student with Brownlee, including the firm’s Articling and Summer Student programs, structure and practice areas, and how these topics may affect you. We will also share a few insider secrets that other firms are unlikely to divulge, let alone publish.