The succession planning lawyers at Brownlee LLP understand that running a business requires an exceptional focus on the issues at hand. Often times the focus can prohibit business owners from properly dealing with the requirements of the future which, at some point in time must include plans to transfer control of the business to a successor. Brownlee LLP effectively advises business owners, otherwise occupied with the day-to-day task of business operations by encouraging them to consider the possibilities that could occur in two, five, or even ten years. Brownlee LLP helps clients prepare for the future by addressing issues that include:

  • bringing owners and employees on board
  • bringing children into the family business
  • planning for retirement
  • selling the business
  • closing the business
  • planning for tax situations in years to come.

At Brownlee LLP we take into consideration the varied concerns of our client’s interest in succession planning. We realize that a business is often an investment in a greater legacy that is meant to prosper past the point of the founder’s departure. Brownlee LLP clients can rest assured that they are being provided with advice that will protect and ensure the continued operation of their business. However, if our clients are interested in selling their business interests Brownlee LLP will provide advice directed at helping our client maximize their return. It is Brownlee LLP’s objective to serve the various needs of our Succession Planning clients, with attention to the broader aspects of our client’s general estate planning requirements.