Brownlee LLP is proud to be a Member of Phase Two of the Justicia Project.

The Justicia Project is a voluntary program facilitated by the Law Society of Alberta aimed at retaining women lawyers and promoting diversity in the private practice of law.

The Project’s aim is to create a shift in culture and lead the way for innovative, systemic change that works for the profession and the public.

The Law Society of Alberta is progressing Justicia through two targeted phases.

Phase One saw over 13 national firms already involved in Justicia programs across Canada, extend their participation in Alberta’s Justicia project.

Phase Two offers the opportunity for regional, mid-sized and smaller law firms from around the province to participate.

Participating firms will develop and implement policies and programs, with the collaboration and assistance of the Law Society, focusing on four core areas:

  • Tracking demographics;
  • Parental leave programs and flexible work arrangements;
  • Networking and business development; and
  • Mentoring and leadership development skills for women.

The written commitment involves participation in Justicia meetings and measurement of your firm’s experience.

The model programs and policies created through this program will be shared with Alberta’s legal profession as a whole, paving the way for widespread usage.