Infrastructure and utility work has proliferated in the Province of Alberta, and few law firms can match Brownlee’s experience and expertise in this important sector.

Municipalities and municipally controlled entities join public bodies and the Province of Alberta in seeking Brownlee’s services to ensure:

  • they receive advice from lawyers who understand both sides of large projects (the public customers and the private companies who realize these projects)
  • that they get the best deal for their constituents
  • the proper structuring of relationships and the adequate determination of how service will be provided following the completion of a project, when municipalities collaborate on infrastructure and utility projects
  • awareness of all transfers of risk
  • that municipalities insulate themselves from liability
  • provision of long-term service by partners

Our lawyers have successfully assisted our municipal clients in managing and implementing issues and projects such as:

  • the provision of all advice, opinion, review and oversight necessary with respect to the construction of utility systems, infrastructure and assets used in all aspects of municipal public utilities, including: tendering, requests for proposals, and compliance with the Agreement on Internal Trade
  • the negotiation, advocacy and preparation of agreements and general business framework on behalf of municipalities with private utility operators
  • the negotiation, advocacy and preparation of arrangements amongst multiple municipalities to provide regional utility services and regional infrastructure projects
  • the creation of regional services commissions, not-for-profit entities, municipal service corporations and co-ownership groups to own, manage and operate various aspects of municipal public utilities, and to carry out regional ownership, operation and servicing initiatives for infrastructure and utilites
  • the creation of regional customer groups amongst municipalities, providing for specific solutions for supply and management of municipal public utilities
  • the preparation and approval of required franchise agreements that allow for the provision of services by strictly non-municipal parties, including: regional services commissions, societies and not-for-profit corporations, municipal service corporations, and other private operators and providers
  • attending to the acquisition and disposition of utility systems, infrastructure and assets utilized in all aspects of municipal public utilities, including: water, wastewater, natural gas, and solid waste
  • management of all regulatory issues, including representation before the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, Alberta Utilities Commission, and various other boards and tribunals.
  • the creation of appropriate utilities bylaws to regulate utilities services within municipal boundaries or, where applicable, within regional boundaries
  • management of the interaction of municipal public utilities with all aspects of subdivision and development, land use planning, inter-municipal planning, assessments and levies
  • the provision of all corporate counsel services required for the internal management and operation of regional services commissions, societies and not-for-profit corporations, and municipal service corporations
  • the provision of all advice and legal services necessary to obtain and manage all real estate interests necessary and collateral to municipal public utilities, including: surface rights, rights of way, road crossings and licenses, and leases
  • the provision of all opinions and advice necessary in order to maintain compliance with applicable statutes and regulations

Brownlee brings experience from related industries to bear upon infrastructure and utility projects to ensure they run smoothly and successfully. We strengthen and support our infrastructure and utilities practice by integrating expertise to projects from fields such as:

  • real estate
  • financing
  • administrative law
  • commercial law
  • planning and development
  • municipal law
  • municipal commercial transactions and contracting



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