While Brownlee LLP encourages the creation of clear estate transfer plans to mitigate the risk of disputes occurring following death. We also help executors and administrators of estates, as well as beneficiaries, when estate planning has either not been done or was done poorly. Our experienced Contested Estates practice group understands that conflicts arising from improper estate planning can carry a strong emotional and psychological component. Brownlee’s primary objective is to satisfy our clients’ goals in a way that minimizes stress and conflict. Brownlee strives to provide all its Contested Estate clients with the best possible outcome on a timely basis to they can move forward with their lives.

We advise our clients when:

  • no will exists and Alberta’s Intestate Legislation applies
  • existing wills have not properly provided for family members or are otherwise open to challenge
Brownlee advocates mediation and collaborative approaches to help beneficiaries resolve issues quickly and without undue conflict. Approaches of this kind are far easier to put into place when our Estate Planning Team is involved in disputes at an early stage. It is in our clients’ best interest to contact us immediately following the development of conflicts or when conflicts are expect to arise within an estate to better facilitate a fair and just resolution. Brownlee understands that there are instances when all other avenues of settlement have been exhausted and it is necessary to proceed to trial. Fortunately, Brownlee’s capable Contested Estates practice group is experienced in arguing matters of this nature before the courts. Brownlee is capable and willing to pursue litigation if such an approach is necessary to protect and further the rights of our clients.
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