Brownlee has extensive experience in dealing with all types of clients respecting the development, lease, finance and disposition of leased space. We also act for matters involving all types of properties, including:

  • Office space
  • Industrial space
  • Retail space
  • Vacant land to be developed and leased

As such, Brownlee LLP understands all sides of the commercial leasing equation. We know what the Landlords are looking for and typically agree on. We know what Tenant’s motivations are and what they typically need. We know and understand what the financier requires in order to secure its loan in leased space.

Further, we have extensive experience in litigating commercial leasing matters, on behalf of both landlord and tenant. This involves outright litigation as well as acting in mediations and arbitrations of commercial leasing matters.

Our knowledge of the differences that exist between large clients and small clients on all sides of the equation enables us to better anticipate the other side. This permits Brownlee to effectively serve our client to tell them what is obtainable, what is reasonable and how to obtain the best deal.


We act for local, national and international property developers, management companies, REITs, investors and international, national, institutional and small users of commercial properties.

The below is just a small sample of the types of clients that we act for, on the Landlord side, the Tenant side and the financier side:

  • Shopping mall owners
  • Office building owners
  • Warehouse owners
  • Governments and public bodies who lease space
  • Institutional clients who need to lease space
  • Large industrial tenants
  • Large residential landlords
  • Grocery store chains
  • Land developers
  • Businesses looking to lease commercial space
  • Mortgage lenders who finance the development of commercial space


It all depends what you need from us and when you need us to get involved. We are frequently involved with:

  • Preparation and negotiation of terms of Offers to Lease
  • Preparation and negotiation of the Lease Document
  • Negotiating and addressing all matters related to the assignment of leasehold interests and subleases
  • Advocating for our clients through the lease relationship
  • As counsel for our clients, litigate, mediate and arbitrate disputes between Landlord and Tenant


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