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After getting a taste of negotiation while working as a Supply Management Analyst in oil and gas, Brownlee LLP Student-at-Law Bonnie Hu decided to take the plunge into practicing law.

“This experience helped me develop the skills to find solutions that would satisfy a client’s needs and risk profile in a cost-effective way,” she noted of her supply management job. “What attracts me to the law is that it generally seeks to balance different interests in a fair and practical manner. While there is always room for improvement, the law adapts to society’s changing values.”

Prior to beginning her articles at Brownlee in the summer of 2020, Bonnie was a Summer Student with the firm in 2018. “I got exposure to a wide variety of practice areas and was impressed by the respect and professionalism that Brownlee lawyers and staff extended to clients and students,” she said of her earlier experience at the firm.

She is a recipient of the 2020 Odishaw Family Prize in Mediation Advocacy, which is awarded to a University of Alberta Faculty of Law student who displays superior academic achievement for mediation advocacy, and she

previously volunteered with the Edmonton Community Legal Centre (ECLC).

Her volunteering with ECLC was through the University of Alberta’s Low Income Individuals and the Law course. During this time, she worked primarily on immigration and civil law matters. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese (and proficient in French and Spanish), her volunteer work included translating legal advice from ECLC lawyers for clients.

She also loves to travel, touring mostly Europe and Asia.


As a student-at-law, Bonnie has the pleasure of working in a variety of practice areas at Brownlee LLP.


Member, Law Society of Alberta


I became interested in negotiations and relationship-building in my previous career, but felt that I lacked subject expertise. I decided to pursue a career in law to offer legal expertise. In doing so, I hope to resolve conflicts fairly while protecting my client’s interests. I also see my legal career as an opportunity to give back to society by enhancing access to justice with my language skills.