Student recruitment is our primary and preferred growth and succession strategy. When we hire a student, we’re not just hiring for the short-term; we’re hoping to hire a future Associate and a future Partner. 

As a result, we invest a significant amount of resources into our student programs to identify and recruit individuals with a consistent philosophy and work ethic.

While grades are important, they’re not everything. It is just as important to be personable, hard-working and, frankly, interesting! Beginning as students, all lawyers must have the ability to transfer legal training, theory, cases and legislation into practical and reasonable answers and solutions for our clients. The ability to implement what you know begins with the ability to recognize what you don’t know, and to have the conviction and enthusiasm to find the answers you need. 

When we say that we’re looking for Summer and Articling Students who will hopefully become future Associates and Partners at our firm, we’re really not kidding. The majority of our lawyers have either Articled with Brownlee, or came to Brownlee immediately after completing their Articles and have remained. Not many firms can say that.