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Brownlee LLP is fully staffed at this time. Check back soon for new opportunities!


With an average employee tenure of almost 5 years, our firm is committed to finding and retaining the best talent in the industry. Roles with our team are about more than getting a job, a position with Brownlee is about joining a team that’s been working to shape the future of the legal industry for over 85 years.

Brownlee LLP is more than just a workplace, but a hub of continuous learning and growth. We provide our staff with opportunities for personal and career development through ongoing collaboration, mentorship, and support. Our open and communicative environment encourages every team member to share their ideas and contribute to our innovative legal solutions.

Our team members enjoy a sense of belonging rooted in our shared commitment to serving the communities in which we do business. We foster an inclusive atmosphere that values every contribution and celebrates diversity. Moreover, our comprehensive benefits package and work-life balance initiatives illustrate our dedication to the well-being of our staff. Experience the Brownlee LLP difference today, and pursue a career making a difference in our communities.