Our belief is that PREP (Alberta’s Bar admission program) is one of the most important tasks assigned to you during your Article. The reality is, if you don’t successfully complete PREP, you can’t practice law as an Associate! 

Brownlee places a high priority on providing you with the support you need to complete the requirements of PREP. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, the chance to seek instruction and guidance from leading practitioners in the field, located right in your own firm. Brownlee pays 100% of all PREP course and registration fees.

In our view, managing PREP is part of the larger skill of managing your workload. Rather than set aside a specific day of the week for you to complete your assignments, we expect you to place a high priority on your assignments and make time to complete them in light of your other tasks. In return, we recognize that PREP is one of your top concerns and we are sensitive to the fact that it may necessarily take priority over other tasks. Your files can be completed by other lawyers at our firm, but PREP can only be completed by you.

With respect to the out-of-office components of PREP, we expect you to focus solely on your course work while you are away. You are not expected to return to the office in the evenings or on weekends after your courses.

Of course, this means that you must proactively communicate with the lawyers you’re working with to ensure that they know you’ll be away and so that you can both make the necessary adjustments to any timelines with respect to your other tasks and files.