Brownlee hosts events throughout the year for our lawyers and support staff, including:

Friday Snacks:
Our Lawyers’ Lounge is a place for lawyers to take a break and enjoy some snacks and beverages as well as each other’s company. This lounge is especially beneficial for the students and junior lawyers who utilize it, as they can meet and talk with other Brownlee lawyers who work in different departments.

Christmas Parties:
Our firm hosts two Christmas parties each year. The first is for staff and lawyers, and is an opportunity to thank our wonderful support staff for their contributions and hard work over the past year. A few weeks later, the lawyers and their spouses or partners from our Edmonton and Calgary offices gather for our Lawyers’ Christmas Party which is held at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. This is a formal event (in attire only) which brings our families together to celebrate a year of professional and personal accomplishments.

El Hacko Golf Tournament:
Every summer, the lawyers from our Edmonton and Calgary offices meet for our annual golf tournament. Whether or not you golf (and many of us do not golf … or do not golf well), it is an event not to be missed.

Year in Review, Trivia Night, United Way Auction and many others:
Throughout the year our firm hosts a multitude of smaller parties and events including Trivia Night, Year in Review (which reviews notable events of the past year and speculates on the year to come), pizza and green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, and the firm’s United Way Auction held in October of each year. We are also fierce competitors in both Edmonton and Calgary’s corporate challenges held each year in June amongst local businesses.

In addition to these organized events, many of our lawyers have found friends amongst their colleagues. They will choose to spend time and even travel with other lawyers and their families on evenings, weekends and holidays. While the lawyers at Brownlee are diverse in their backgrounds, experiences and practices, we’re united in our firm’s philosophy and goals.