Now we’re getting down to the real brass tacks – what do we want to see in your application package? Here are the key strategies to putting together a persuasive application:

Your application package should provide a cover letter, resumé, references (if you have them), and all post-secondary transcripts. It is also informative if you provide a list of courses that you’re scheduled to take in the future, if known.

Beware of using form letters; i.e. sending the same cover letter to each firm. Every year, we receive at least one application addressed to us, but applying for a position at a different firm.

Provide all means of communicating with you. Include your mailing address (including a summer address if it’s different), email, home phone, cell phone and so forth. Of course, if you never carry or check the messages on your cell phone, it’s probably best not to give us that number.

Clearly identify the position you’re applying for as well as the year you hope to work with us. (For example, the 2014/2015 articling year or the 2013 summer position.) It also doesn’t hurt to make clear which year of law school you are presently completing.

In your cover letter, tackle any obvious “blips” in your history. If you are applying for articles as a Third Year student instead of a Second Year, give us some insight into why that is. If you have a few grades that aren’t your shining glory, give us some background into what happened. We’re not trying to pry, but we’re likely going to ask you anyway so you might as well provide your explanation up front.

In your cover letter, identify anyone from the firm that you’ve previously met, as well as the venue in which you met them, such as Career Day, or a presentation at the University, or similar.

Enclose all of your post-secondary transcripts. Your law school transcripts are important, but we would like to see your undergraduate or other post-secondary transcripts as well. “Sealed” transcripts are not necessary; originals are preferred though.

It may sound silly, but please do not use paperclips. Instead, staple your entire package together to ensure that it stays together. We’d hate for your impeccable transcripts to get attached to another applicant’s resume.

Your application package for summer and articling positions in Edmonton may be mailed to:

Brownlee LLP
2200 Commerce Place
10155 – 102 Street N.W.
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4G8
Attention: Ryan R. Ewasiuk

Alternatively, you may submit your application via email to Ryan at