Brownlee LLP offers individuals and businesses full Immigration services, which include the following:

  • Corporate immigration/work visa services for oil, construction, hospitality and other industries
  • intra-company transfers from places around the world
  • Alberta Provincial Nominee Program and Skilled Worker/Specialized Knowledge Worker applications
  • citizenship applications
  • work, study, and temporary resident visas
  • business investments
  • long-term hiring practices and planning for corporations that regularly employ foreign workers
  • dealing with Canadian and foreign embassies on immigration related matters
  • sponsorship of new immigrants
  • judicial reviews of immigration decisions
  • live-in caregiver applications
  • intra-company transfers abroad

Brownlee’s immigration practice area benefits from integration with other areas of the law firm. This sharing of experience across practice areas greatly enhances the services that we provide to our clients. The practice groups that we often interact with include:

  • Employment and Labour
  • Corporate Services
  • Litigation
  • Municipal Law
  • Wills & Estates

To facilitate effective and expedient immigration work, Brownlee can arrange for interpreters of any language.

Businesses that regularly hire employees from outside Canada can streamline their processes. Brownlee can help draft the necessary documentation and ensure the appropriate immigrations processes and requirements are met to help you r business get the right people in the right positions in the shortest amount of time.

Brownlee can assist labour brokers by drafting contracts such as agency agreements, settlement services agreements and other related contracts.

Our corporate immigration law team can build the business case you need to nominate individuals working overseas or already working in Alberta for Foreign Worker Authorization. We can assess your prospects for success in any given case and assist with all the required steps of your nomination, including any applications required for job confirmation through Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

Please note:

  • a nominee must be given a guaranteed job offer from an Alberta employer before we can submit the application
  • job offers must be for a full-time position in Alberta that meets all provincial employment and wage standards and does not conflict with any existing collective bargaining agreements
  • HRSDC requirements must be met before a successful application can be made. We can guide you through all aspects of the process

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