The Brownlee LLP Aboriginal/First Nations group has worked with and represented various groups of First Nations peoples in all aspects of their legal affairs. Brownlee’s many other experienced and capable practice groups further strengthen Brownlee’s Aboriginal/First Nations practice by providing an invaluable source of knowledge in the various legal areas that commonly overlap with the issues arising in Aboriginal law.

At Brownlee, we understand the many dynamic legal issues surrounding self-government and how these issues affect the day to day governance and business operations of First Nations. For clients actively engaged in issues pertaining to Aboriginal law, Brownlee LLP can provide assistance and advice on many relevant topics including:

  • self-government
  • aboriginal rights
  • constitutional law & rights
  • federal and provincial government structures
  • treaty rights
  • the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • business
  • real estate
  • construction and procurement
  • infrastructure and utilities
  • litigation


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