Tradition, holidays and celebration go together and Christmas is often a family’s largest gathering each year. Being able to provide a new toy for a youngster to open Christmas morning may add stress and financial burden to a parent’s already overloaded to do list. The majority of our recipient families have a working parent (or parents) and this is exactly why Jerry Forbes started 630 CHED Santa’s Anonymous in 1955.

Close to 600 children received gifts that first year. Now, 60 years later the 630 CHED Santa’s Anonymous volunteers deliver gifts to approximately 23,000 children in Edmonton each Christmas. In addition we provide toys and gifts for another 7,000 children through relationships with local groups and charities. Santa’s Anonymous provides toys year round to agencies assisting with disaster relief and family support such as Edmonton Emergency Relief Services and the Zebra Centre.

Santa’s Anonymous is devoted to bettering the lives of children in our community by delivering the “spirit of Christmas” to less fortunate children in Edmonton. Ourultimate goal is to spread the spirit of Christmas to children all year by giving aid where needed to boost a child’s self-esteem, dignity and well-being. To learn more about Santa’s Anonymous and how you can help click here.