Individuals experiencing marital breakdown, separation or divorce turn to Brownlee LLP as trusted advisors as we take great care to resolve sensitive family law matters with dignity and expediency.

Brownlee LLP’s family law group understands that every family has unique needs and we work closely with our clients to improve their lives in trying and uncertain times. Whenever possible, we work to resolve these complicated issues amicably and practically. We also understand that litigation is occasionally an inevitable necessity and we have the experience and resources to secure our clients’ rights and safeguard family interests.

For clients requiring assistance with family law or divorce matters, Brownlee LLP can provide support, advice and representation on issues concerning:

  • the rights of custodial and non-custodial parents
  • the determination of child and spousal support obligations
  • the division of matrimonial property

Within these broad family law practice areas, we have specific experience handling a variety of matters, which include:

  • the enforceability of “prenuptial agreements” and separation agreements
  • the preparation, drafting and execution of “prenuptial agreements” and separation agreements
  • complex division of matrimonial property issues involving corporate interests, pre-marital assets, inheritances, and pensions
  • the distribution of insurance proceeds upon the death of a spouse or former spouse
  • the determination of a support payor’s income under the Federal Child Support Guidelines and the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines in circumstances where one or both spouses are self-employed or have non-traditional sources of income
  • the assessment and calculation of retroactive child support claims under the Federal Child Support Guidelines
  • the imputation of income to individuals who are intentionally underemployed or are otherwise attempting to avoid support obligations
  • the calculation of child and spousal support obligations in “blended family” or “complex stepfamily” households
  • assessing whether a person, not biologically related to a child, “ stands in the place of a parent” and must pay child support
  • establishing a disabled spouse’s entitlement to spousal support on separation
  • establishing a support recipient is self-sufficient and no longer entitled to spousal support
  • “high conflict” child custody and parenting time disputes
  • international travel with children